Fallen Earth


A multiplayer experience in a post apocalyptic world


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Fallen Earth is a multiplayer role game set in the year 2156, in a world that has been completely devastated by nuclear war. The adventure takes place in one of the few inhabitable places left on Earth: the Grand Canyon, a dangerous place where you must fight to survive.

The first aspect of Fallen Earth that calls your attention is that during the creation of the main characters, even though there are many possibilities to customize them as you wish, you won't find any information on the class of a given character. This is because there are no classes. Instead, Fallen Earth uses an entirely skills-based system that allows you to personalize your character, seemingly without limits.

This freedom to create, and above all to develop, the character is a reflection of what Fallen Earth offers: an open world where you can do anything you wish in order to survive, including looting camp sites, collecting goods, making different things, attacking other players, trading with urban characters, talking with other citizens or participating in any of the dynamic events that take place each.

The combat system, in addition, is very dynamic. Despite being a role-playing game, Fallen Earth offers game mechanics that are at once direct and entertaining. As a result, your character may not survive if you throw him or her hastily into action, without taking necessary precautions such as going out well-equipped and, if possible, going out in the company of your own clan.

Fallen Earth is a MMORPG that is particularly interesting for fans of franchises like Fallout, since the post-apocalyptic setting, as well as other elements of the game, remind you very much of said saga.
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